Collaboration between college student and college institution

Students is the largest element in  a college, thus become a reasonable, if there is student involvement in determining policy and direction of motion universities. Collaboration between this two elements of instituion will impact the similar vission and actvities objection among them. Thus, the vision of college that led to world-class universities will be achieved well. Because the students already know how he can play a role in the development of a college.

Type of collaboration :

  1. Academic collaboration
    1. conduct joint research between lecture and student
    2. application and practice of research to community development ( example : making  pico-hydro powerplant for power generation in a village, or building a simple bridge for connecting two village )
    3. integrated the research with entrepreneurhip spirit of the student
    4. non-academic collaborationheld join program about student softskill development program
    5. help informing the scholarship programs to the students
    6. cultivate the spirit to follow the scientific competition
    7. give apreciation to the students whom won the scientific competition

Collaboration methods :

  1. Vission sharing between the chancellor with the student leaders
  2. Focus group discussion for student-related policies and issues
  3. Familial communication, lecture role as parents in the college for the students
  4. Involvement of students to various campus facilities management, such as cafetaria, dormitory, and student centre.
  5. Involvement of student organizations as part of the institution in creating an integrated campus management, by makin the student organization as a partner for the institution

With good collaboration in the management, a university would be very helpful in realizing his vision.By students as the largest element in a university was involved in it.


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